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Two Down, Two to Go!

There are two more blocks (for the spring-themed sampler) finished and photographed!

– – –

Firenze in Spring“:

"Firenze" Afghan Block

Pattern: “Firenze“, by Julie Yeager
(paid pattern, available on Ravelry)

"Firenze" Afghan Block

This block is easy to crochet, with great graphic appeal.  It’s another that can look very different depending on color choice and placement.

I changed the last round to sc to match the size of the blocks I’ve already made for the sampler, but otherwise, I think I stuck to the pattern.

My block is skewing/twisting a bit, but I think it’ll straighten out once it’s joined to the other blocks– certainly well enough to suit me.

– – –

Emmalynn in Spring“:

"Emmalynn" Afghan Block

Pattern: “Emmalynn“, by Carolyn Christmas
(free pattern, available on Ravelry)

"Emmalynn" Afghan Block

This is a pretty, floral pattern with an interesting construction.  Each corner (pale blue and lavender, in my version) is joined and worked separately; this leaves more ends to weave, the results are very nice.

I “doubled” Rnd 2 by working it twice in two different colors, in an attempt to fill in some of the gaps. It worked out ok, but it would’ve been easier to just “dc 2” in each stitch of Rnd 1, if I’d thought of doing that before cutting the yarn…

I changed up the last two rounds slightly. Instead of two rounds of dc, the first is hdc and the second is htr in back bump only.

I went back and added some single crochet “surface crochet” to the edge of the last “petal round”– an effort to add some textural oompf.

– – –

The next block is actually already “off the hook” (ha ha), but the ends are still waving free and loose, so no photos of that yet.  I’ve selected the pattern for the final block, so it should only be a matter of days before the blocks are ready for joining.  (I hope!)


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