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FO: “Lotus Moon Tiles”

There’s one more finished afghan to share– “Lotus Moon Tiles”, a crochet design by Polly Plum. I started this afghan in September 2019 and finished it in February 2020.  It’s not a large afghan, so I could have finished it much more quickly, but every time I came to a point where I needed to […]

FO: “Scrappy Granny Squares”

During a recent reorganizing, I came across an afghan that I had completely forgotten crocheting and (as far as I can recall) never photographed or blogged. It’s a scrappy granny square afghan using my favorite version of the granny square.  That is, clusters of 3 dc, 2 chains for the corners, and one chain between […]

WIP: Lotus Moon and Punkin’ Patch

I finished the latest WIP doily, but have yet to weave in the ends, block, or photograph it– so that makes two on the waiting list for blocking. Instead of starting another doily (and there are multiple patterns in the queue!), I decided to focus on an afghan.  It feels like a long time since […]

WIP: Scrappy Granny Squares

Writing this post title reminds me that I have yet to take photos of the last scrappy granny square afghan I crocheted.  It was finished in March of this year, but I still haven’t taken photos of the completed afghan. Actually, after it got to a certain temperature, I made the decision to wait until cooler […]

Stardust Melodies Texture’ghan

It’s another FO reveal post (as promised)! This time, the finished object is my Stardust Melodies Texture’ghan, which was a MCAL I participated in last summer. The designer is Polly Plum, one of my favorite afghan block designers.  However, while Polly Plum is generally known for her interestingly textured blocks that offer wonderful opportunities for […]

Whispers of Spring Afghan

Here it is, a long overdue afghan “reveal” post!  I’m not even going to embarrass myself by looking up when I started it/finished it/whatever.  I will simply acknowledge that it’s been a long time coming and just share some photos of the finished afghan.   This started out as a CAL, but I ended up just […]

Quilt Crumbs and Granny Squares

I finished “Marion” a while ago, but simply never remembered it needed blocking until nighttime, and I prefer to do my blocking when there’s plenty of daylight and I’m fully awake.  Last week, I finally remembered at an appropriate time, so the FO post for that should follow shortly. Otherwise, I’ve been sewing more crumbs […]

Mostly Thread Crochet

As the title suggests, most of the projects covered in this blog post are thread crochet, but I do have one non-thread WIP to share.  I decided not to put off joining and edging the Stardust Melodies afghan, so here’s a little sneak-peek at my progress so far: I like the bobbles, but the bobble […]

Stardust Melodies CAL Progress

Here they are– the final six blocks (two each of the last three patterns)! “Summertime”: I loved crocheting this one! The center is a little different from the average crochet block, but the video is helpful for seeing exactly where the stitches go.  The dc5tog isn’t as difficult as it might look, either. Very nice […]

Two More CAL Blocks

“It Had to Be You”. Another pretty block with an interesting diamond pattern of raised texture! I appreciated the inclusion (in the designer’s notes) of an alternative to the “stretched” dc in this pattern.  Though the stretched stitches provide an unusual visual and textural effect, I find them less pleasant (and more difficult) to crochet […]