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Primarily Paper Crafting

There’s be no new progress on the quilt—not even cutting the background fabric for the next phase of that project.  I haven’t actually been spending much time crafting since last time.   We’ve had a couple of “life things” happening in the background, taking up time, energy, mental bandwidth, etc., lately.  It’s getting a bit closer […]

3rd UFO Done! String HST Quilt Top

 Yeah!  The third UFO project of the year has achieved “quilt top” status!   I suspected this one would go pretty quickly, and it did.  In the last blog entry, I had started sewing the string blocks into half-square triangles with a plain white background.  There were quite a few on the design wall, even at […]

FO: “Amelia” Doily

I crocheted another doily earlier in the year– probably in the month or so before Mother’s Day in May.  (I remember giving it to Mom, but without looking it up, I’m not positive if it was for her birthday or Mother’s Day.) The pattern is “Amelia”, a design by Grace Fearon.  The thread is Alize […]

The Writing’s on the (Design) Wall

I applied the binding to the latest quilt (“Retro-Cali Ribbon Stars”).  Then it spent a week waiting for me to stitch down the last side of the label.  I tend to put off hand-stitching, because I don’t love it.  When I finally did it, though, it really wasn’t that bad, so I went ahead and […]

Always Playing Catch-Up!

Gosh, I knew it had been a while since my last blog post, but I didn’t realize it had been that long!   For more than a year, now, Donald’s been sole owner of his web-design business, and I’ve been pitching in where I could, originally with small, sporadic jobs.  I’ve been depositing checks, mailing invoices (before […]

October Catch-Up

This blog has been quiet for the past month-and-a-half.  What with one thing and another, it hasn’t felt like the time to write.  Donald was away for a while to attend his father’s funeral and spend some time with the rest of his family in Sweden.  Now that he’s back home again and we’re returning […]

Slow Progress is Still Progress

ARGH!  *@^$!# Blogger just ate my nearly-completed blog post!!  I give up.  I’m not writing all that over again, so here’s the abbreviated version: Finally started working on a quilt again.  I pieced the eight grey-background leaves that have been waiting on the design wall for literally months.  Now the eight cream/beige-background leaves are arranged […]

FO: “Flora”

I finally edited the photos of my latest completed doily! The pattern is named “Flora”, designed by Julia Hart.  I’ve crocheted a few other patterns from this designer before, but compared to “Flora”, they’ve all been smaller and relatively simple– a couple of snowflakes and a doily called “Wispweave”.  “Flora” is more complex.  What with […]

FO: “Florence”

Sorry about falling off the face of the Earth for a while!  I’m back!  I’ve temporarily stalled out on the quilting front (soon to be remedied), but on the positive side, I finished a doily and blocked both it and one that’s been waiting its turn for months.   The pattern is “Florence”, designed by Grace […]

More FOs and WIPs

There’s another FO for the blog!  I’ve lost track of how many years this particular project has been in hibernation.  It spent some time in a basket in the closet, I think, then moved to the computer desk, where (surely!) I would see it and be inspired to finish it.  (No, I just stopped noticing […]