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You’re Weird, Amazon…

Um, I think Amazon might be a little… confused.

I was looking at bobbins– you know, those things that you use in a sewing (or quilting) machine that provides the bottom thread?  They come in a few variations, but those metal spools on the left of the photo below are a typical example.

Well, I guess Amazon’s computer brain (?) thinks they look like rolls of toilet paper, because look at the recommendation at the bottom right of this first photo!

Amazon is Confused.

“Try Presto!, Amazon’s Choice for Toilet Paper”.

…Eh, maybe not right now, Amazon…

Then on another product page, for a different type of bobbin, there are these “sponsored products related to this item”.  The first four are all good.  Ooh, ahh!  Pre-wound bobbins!  A “classic wooden magnetic bobbin holder”!  Even more bobbins!  And then… an “aluminum restroom etiquette sign”?  “DON’T FORGET TO FLUSH”.  …O-kay

Amazon is Confused.

(Ah, well, I thought it was funny!  It gave me a good laugh, but maybe I’m just silly and easily amused.)

Amazon needs to send its computer brain to the optometrist. ;o)


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