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Old business first.

Photo of the blocked “Glam Cowl”:

Twilight Glow Cowl

Blocking did make it significantly bigger and opened up the yarn overs.  It also helped with the rolling edges, though there’s still a certain tendency to roll.  The nature of the stitch, I guess.  If I were to make this pattern (or something similar) again, I might consider trying a few rounds of another type of stitch.  Not sure it would be enough to make a difference, though…

Photos of afghan blocks (previously unphotographed, as far as I can recall):
First, the Tussy-Mussy Block:

Tussy-Mussy Block

Then the Crocodile Flower:

Crocodile Flower Block

One more thing.  About a year ago, I crocheted some flowers and leaves from small leftover balls of size 10 thread.  Just having fun playing around with motifs from a new book.  I intended to hot glue them to a couple of baskets of yarn.  It only took me a year to get around to it.  (g)  (I should’ve reversed the position of one of them so that the leaves would “point” in opposite directions, but it’s fine.  At this point, I’m just impressed that they’re finally glued to the baskets, to tell you the truth.)

Basket Embellishments

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I think I’ve reached that point where my number of works-in-progress and “hibernating” projects (things I haven’t worked on for quite some time, and usually don’t intend to work on in the immediate future) has gotten slightly out of hand.  It’s a very subjective thing, and it can fluctuate over time (other obligations, time/space constraints, etc.).  Unless you feel overwhelmed by unfinished projects, I don’t see a problem with them– but once they do start to “get to you”, it takes some of the fun out of your hobby. 

When I count up my current WIPs and hibernating projects, I start to feel very slightly panicked.  (All projects are listed in my Ravelry notebook.  Simply not willing to link to them individually.  ;o))

Active WIPs:
Regency Ruffles

WIPs I haven’t touched in a while:
Scandinavian Heart
Summer Garden Secret

WIPs that should really be marked as “hibernating”:

Ruby Cardiff Cowl

“Finished” Projects that still need end weaving, blocking, etc.:
Rusty French (sewing on embellishments)
Foliage  (ends, blocking)
Snowflakes (blocking– with GLUE, ew, & maybe glitter)
Obsidian Multnomah  (ends, blocking)
Bellingrathghan (just a few ends… I think…)
And… um…  Don’t tell anyone, but… I haven’t ever woven in all the ends on the Flower Garden Hexagon Afghan.  (The shame!)

Hibernating Projects:
Cozy Cottage Popcorn Pillow
Bewitching (barely started)
Wreath of Blooming Crochet (that I kind of don’t care about anymore)
Linen & Cotton Isis
“Be of Good Cheer” Samplerghan  (joining & border)
Old-Fashioned Sampler
Cotton Basket  (*yawn*)
It’s a Seeeecret. (meh. boredom.)
Lotus Bloom
How Novel!  A Scraptastic Afghan (not interested)

Long-Term Hibernating Projects:
(These are worked on a tiny bit at a time, as they are meant to use up small scraps from other projects.  I’m fine taking my time with these.)
So Ugly It’s Cute Afghan
Granny’s Daughter

Most of those projects still interest me, but the sheer volume takes the wind right out of my sails. 

Maybe I should make a point of not starting a new project (and I have some specifically in mind) until I’ve scratched at least two or three things off the list.  I’ve taken the first step by catching up on a few project photos– and in the process pulling things out of storage.

Right now, I’m planning to keep plugging away at the (active WIP) Regency Ruffles scarf, because I’ve already been teetering on the edge of “Will this thing ever end?”, and setting it aside would be a Bad Idea™.   It’s one of those things that you could set down and not pick up again for a year or two.  (Aaaah!  Skinny yarn!!  Endless garter stitch!!  But I think it’s pretty, and it’s always extra fun using yarn that you dyed yourself.)

Regency Ruffles Scarf (WIP)

Part 2 of the plan is to finish that last lingering gift item– the one that requires the sewing machine.

Part 3?  I’ve put the Rusty French bag and Ruby Cardiff Cowl on the coffee table, where I’ll see them every evening.  (Need to put Foliage on there, too. I want to be able to wear it this season!)  Maybe the next time my hands or brain need a small break from the knitted scarf, I can pick up one of those.

…Now, how to arrange these floral embellishments for the bag…?

Rusty French


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