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WIPs: Ahmanet and Japanese Stitches Scarf

I’m just popping in to give a couple of quick project updates. 

First, I’m still slowly crocheting my way through “Ahmanet”.  It’s taken a backseat to my other current WIP, but every so often it gets a little attention.  Here’s the latest progress photo:

It’s a little rumpled, but you can at least get an impression of it.  That’s a Clover Amour steel hook, for scale.  This will be a big one, once it’s finished and blocked!  I’ve started the third and final ball of thread.  At this point, it kind of feels like there’s not much to do, but with large doilies, those last several rounds can take a lot of time to crochet. 

– – – – – –

The main crafty focus for the past week or two has been the “Japanese Stitches Advent Scarf”.  It’s a knitting project– fairly ambitious for me, with some unusual (or at least new-to-me) stitches.  There have been some bumps in the road (see my project notes for details on some– not all!– of those bumpy patches), but I’m enjoying the challenge. 

Though I’ve made the effort to fix a few problems along the way, there’s at least one minor mistake I’ve left in (and probably more I haven’t noticed yet).  I figure no-one will know but me, so it doesn’t matter– and it’s not glaringly obvious to the casual observer.  A little acceptance of small mistakes (particularly those that would be a lot of trouble to fix) will probably make this a more pleasant project. 

As far as keeping pace with the project goes… Just when I finally caught up, my right arm felt sore, so I thought I should take it a little easier for a day.  Then those longer clues on the weekend caught me by surprise. (g)  Something else came up yesterday (life, eh?)– and suddenly I’m behind again.  It’s alright; I’ll finish it in my own time, and I’m not (yet) too far behind.  It’s conceivable that I might catch up, if life cooperates.  It’s all for fun, anyway.

Here are some progress photos taken this morning.  It looks a little rough in spots, but a lot of that will block out (I hope and trust!)…

I’ll try to make a point of updating the blog more often, but you know how it is.  Life gets busy.  And complicated.  Thank goodness for the comfort of escaping into our hobbies and interests! 


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