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WIP: Scrappy Granny Squares

Writing this post title reminds me that I have yet to take photos of the last scrappy granny square afghan I crocheted.  It was finished in March of this year, but I still haven’t taken photos of the completed afghan.

Actually, after it got to a certain temperature, I made the decision to wait until cooler weather returned to fuss about with blankets.  The only problem is that autumn has been very (very) slow to arrive, this year.  It looks like it may have finally ventured this far south, now, so I hope it won’t be too much longer before I feel like taking some beauty shots!  (I’m not using it until after the photo shoot, to keep it pristine!)

…Anyway, you may recall that I had a number of granny squares that didn’t make the cut for that afghan.  I just looked at the color mix and decided that I didn’t like that one hot pink with the other colors, so I left out any squares in which it appeared.  Then there were some that had outer rounds of a color that had too little contrast with the medium-dark grey I chose for joining.  They, too, were rejected.  Poor things…

But their day has come!  They were the seeds to start a new scrappy granny square afghan, and this time, they will not be turned away!

Scrappy Granny WIP

I’m following my usual pattern for granny squares and just happily adding to the pile, one square at a time.  It’s going to be another scrappy afghan, so all colors go, and I’m not following many “rules”– just trying to keep a pleasing contrast between adjacent rounds.  I’ve been working through a bag of acrylic worsted-weight leftovers, but at some point selection may get limited.  If that happens, I’ll put it into hibernation until the scrap stash recovers.

Scrappy Granny WIP

I love making scrappy granny squares!  They’re the perfect relaxing project for vegging out in front of the TV or computer.  They don’t take much brain power, if you’re feeling frazzled, and by the end of an hour-long program you can feel like you’ve accomplished something, with your little handful of colorful squares.  (I’m taking my time, but you can really churn them out, if you’re motivated.)

Long live the scrappy granny!


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