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WIP: Lotus Moon and Punkin’ Patch

I finished the latest WIP doily, but have yet to weave in the ends, block, or photograph it– so that makes two on the waiting list for blocking.

Instead of starting another doily (and there are multiple patterns in the queue!), I decided to focus on an afghan.  It feels like a long time since I last crocheted much in worsted weight, but it didn’t take long to get back in the groove.

I’m crocheting “Lotus Moon Tiles”, a pattern by Polly Plum.

A dive in the stash yielded the following:
— Caron One Pound in “Off White”, “Sunflower”, “Limeaide”, “Grass Green”, and “Denim”
— I Love This Yarn! in “Mulberry” and “Hyacinth”
— Stitch Studio Earthtone in “Teal” and “Silver Fox”
— two batches of heathery/tweedy mill ends in purple

My in-progress photos aren’t the best for color accuracy or tidiness, but at least you can get an idea of the pattern.

So far, I’ve just crocheted one of the main motifs (to check my color placement), but there are also squares and triangles to fill in the gaps around the octagons.  I’ve left off the last round (the One Pound in “Denim”) because I may JAYGO.

Now that I’m set on my colors, I’m using the assembly line method– make all the Round-1s, then all the Round-2s, and so on, rather than working on each individual motif from start to finish.  This makes the project go faster, I think, since you don’t have to look back at the pattern so often. However, it can also be boring or tiring when you get to longer or more difficult rounds.  If that happens, I might switch back to one-at-a-time style.

The current plan is to make 12 of the main motifs, but there’s always the chance I might go bigger at the end.

– – – – – – –

On the quilting front, I’m still piecing “Punkin’ Patch” (pattern by Bonnie Hunter).

I haven’t selected the final layout for the pumpkin blocks– much less actually sewn them together yet!– but maybe I’ll do that soon.

What I have been doing is piecing the checkerboard border.  (I think this was my first time using this strip-set and sub-cutting method.)  It’s taking a while, but it’s fun seeing it come together.

Here are the little strips waiting for arrangement… (Not the crispest photo, sorry!)

And here’s more of an overview of my sewing corner with some in-progress piecing on display:

One of the best things about my craft room is this u-shaped work station for sewing.  I love having extra surface to my left (where I’m keeping my collection of subcuts, at the moment), and I love-love-love having the mini iron to the right, so I don’t have to get up every time something needs pressing!

– – – – – – –

And just because I snapped a photo of him this afternoon, here’s a picture of Mister Frodo:

He’s grown so much since we got him in back in the spring.  He’s about the same size as Luna, now, only he feels a bit “sturdier” (less dainty of limb) and will probably continue to slowly gain on her in size.

Frodo’s not just a cute face– he’s a smarty-pants, too, and he loves to run and play in the yard.  He’s still not fully house-trained, so he spends most of his unsupervised time in his pen (where he is in the photo), but I’m looking forward to the day when he can be trusted around the house (and we can finally reclaim the huge chunk of our living room currently occupied by that pen)!

I haven’t posted many puppy photos of Frodo online, so here are a handful of him at a younger age:


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