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Where Are You, Christmas?

I am fighting the urge to start a new project that will be mine, mine, all mine.  (Even though I already have a few me, me, me projects in progress…)

I really– no, I mean really shouldn’t start something new.  I have a Christmas gift that I’m still crocheting, another that needs a polymer clay button or two, and yet another that is a sewing project.  Oh, yeah– and then there’s another (tiny) sewing project that I might try to get done for Christmas.

Part of the problem is it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.  At all.  I’m not sure what’s to blame.  The unseasonably warm weather?  The fact that I haven’t yet mustered the enthusiasm to put up any Christmas decorations?  The knowledge that once I put up said decorations, Donald and I are the only ones who will see them (and I’ll have to take them down and put them away again in just a few weeks)?  Or perhaps the fact that I haven’t done any of my shopping yet and have no idea what anyone on my list wants or needs this year (or ever, because I’m awful at figuring out those things).

Honestly, it seems like I haven’t “felt” Christmas very strongly for years.  I’m not one of those poor people who find the holidays emotionally difficult for one reason or another (usually the reminder of family and friends who are no longer living)– but I’m lacking the kind of joy we feel we ought to have in the lead-up to Christmas. 

I need to just make myself put up the tree (but maybe the small one, this year), beg people for wish lists (again– already sent out feelers in early November)– and play some Christmas music.  Maybe light some holiday-scented candles. Definitely spend a little time focusing on the reason for the festivities.

I hope you’re feeling the season more than I am!  (And if I’m not brimming over with holiday joy, at least I’m making good progress on the handmade-gift-finishing.  Photos coming, after Christmas!)


I’m Michael (a female Michael, to remove any doubt).  I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast with my husband, Donald, and our crazy American Eskimo Dogs. 

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