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What’s Wrong with Doilies?

I know they aren’t for everyone, but then again, hardly anything is.  

I just finished reading something somewhere (we won’t go into specifics, because they don’t really matter) that seemed to contain a bit of a jab against granny squares, ripple afghans, and doilies– which are apparently “old lady projects” that make crochet less than cool.

Now, I’m not an old lady– only thirty-one– and yet I still happen to think that grannies, ripples, and doilies are all great.  Not only that, but I know I’m not the only non-old-lady to appreciate them.  (What’s the problem with old ladies, anyhow?  I hope to be one, someday. (g))

A few thoughts:

1)  Granny squares have had a resurgence in popularity.  (Perhaps the granny square’s cool-factor is ebbing somewhat, again, but other motif-based afghans and cushion covers are still popular projects among the crocheters I follow online.)

2)  Ripples have also recently come back into fashion (in certain circles, at least). (And honestly, I’d never heard anyone disparage the ripple.  The granny square, yes, but ripples?  Must not have been paying close enough attention…)

3)  Doilies, I’m not so sure about.  Maybe I simply haven’t heard about it yet (I’m not that concerned with being up on all the latest trends), but I get the feeling that doilies have yet to enjoy the same degree of rediscovery. 

Again, I get that doilies aren’t for everyone– but why are they so often disparaged?  What’s so wrong with doilies?  I tend not to like modern, minimalist homes.  I think they’re usually cold and boring– but obviously someone likes them, or they wouldn’t exist.  The same goes for doilies.  Plenty of other people still like them.

I have yet to even try to crochet a doily (though I will, sooner or later, given time and opportunity), so I’m not exactly an expert on the subject, but like it or not, doilies are part of the history of crochet.  Some may be tired of seeing crochet associated with the old granny square and doily.  Personally, I’m tired of people putting down those old-fashioned favorites. 

(And now I’m done griping for the day. (g))


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