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What?! Actual SEWING??

When I started this blog, I expected to write occasionally about sewing projects.  (Hence the blog’s name.)  I hadn’t even really learned how to crochet, at that point.

Since the first entry (written in November 2008, which boggles my mind, because can it truly have been that long ago?), I’ve teetered through the learning stages of crochet and moved on to more advanced crochet (as long as you don’t count fitted items like sweaters…).  Those thread doilies that once seemed all but impossible are now just a relaxing pastime.  (Ok, a relaxing pastime with the occasional moment of “Argh!  Why won’t this blasted thing flatten out?!  Flatten!  I command you to FLATTEN!)  With the help of the Internet, I’ve taught myself to knit, have learned that even lace and  those amazing cables are possible, and have dabbled in food-color dyeing.

Basically, yarn has taken over my crafty interests in a very big way!  (And I’ve learned to regret the poorly fitting name of the blog, though I don’t think it’s worth the bother of changing, after so long.) 

Though I don’t see myself ever abandoning yarn in favor of fabric, there are some sewing projects I’ve been wanting to attempt– some of them for years, now.  Curtains.  Several sets of curtains, in fact.  Simple quilts.  Throw pillows.

Quite some time ago, Mom gave me a “string quilt” kit that she’d put together herself.  (Years ago.  Of course.  Ripping along at my usual pace!)  I’ve been a little intimidated by it, but I think the time is finally approaching.  So– as practice, I’m making a few new throw pillows for our couches, using the “string quilt” method.

(It’s about time.  I hadn’t realized how old our current throw pillows were until I started looking back at old blog entries.  September 2009.  Yeesh.  They actually don’t look too bad, considering their age and daily use.)

I dug into my strange little stash of fabric to find the makings for some string quilt pillows.  Seeing as I haven’t done much “typical” sewing before, there’s not really a lot of “quilting cotton” type fabric in there, at the moment.  It’s mostly denim and flannel (from the “rag quilting” days) and “home decorating” fabrics that we got for free (yay!), but which are mostly on the heavier side (not so yay).  As a result, these pillows may look a little odd.  Still, it’s good practice, and there’s always the possibility of making more at some point in the future, when better choices are on hand.  Besides, the whole point was to learn the technique without ruining nice materials.  :o)

I decided to make removable slip-covers, so they’d be easier to throw into the washer.  This was my first time using the “envelope”-style cushion cover, and I’m proud of myself for not making a total mess of it.  ;o) 

I’d share a photo right about now, but I still have to finish the other three slip-covers and the pillow inserts.  (Wish I knew how to determine the perfect size for those inserts!  It’ll be a guessing game.)

Maybe a photo tomorrow?


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