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Well, It’s About Time!

One evening a week or two ago, apropos of nothing, it suddenly occurred to me that, hey, it’s been nearly two years (according to my notes on Ravelry, and there’s no reason to believe they’re lying) since I started that Moorish Mosaic Afghan– or the Sunny Seaside Mosaic Afghan, as I called mine. How’s about I finally weave in the last loose ends? 

Now, I’d woven in the bulk of the ends long ago, before joining the motifs, but I made a bit of a mess of extra loose ends during the joining.  I guess I wanted the joining yarn to match at least one of the adjacent motifs…(?)  If I ever make a similar afghan (something not made up of easy squares or join-as-you-go motifs), I will not be so picky.  Using the main color throughout would’ve been fine, but I didn’t know as much about joining, back then. 

So I had an evening of weaving tails before the TV (and left a few more to weave the next day)– and it was done!  Why didn’t I just go ahead and do it long ago?!  It was so easy, maybe there’s even hope that I’ll eventually sit down and weave in the rest of the tails on my hexagon afghan… (Lots more of those left to weave, unfortunately.  I seriously learned my lesson about stopping and weaving in as I go, thanks to that afghan!)

Back when I marked the project as “finished”, I never took photos of the completed blanket.  I guess I thought I’d wait until I’d woven in the ends, never guessing how long that would actually take.  Well, at long last, here are some photos of the blanket as a whole.  (They’re still not perfect photos.  The light wasn’t that great, but I wasn’t in the mood to battle the lovebugs outdoors, so this was the best I could do.  Unfortunately, I was too lazy to change lenses, set up the tripod, etc…)

Sunny Seaside Mosaic Afghan


Sunny Seaside Mosaic Afghan

It’s an interesting pattern– unique and a fine example of how changing up colors can yield a great variety of results from the same motif– but I don’t feel the urge to crochet it again.  If I ever did, I’d consider making multiples of my favorite color-change patterns and leaving out the less interesting ones.

Also, for something like this, where you have round after round of single crochet in the same color, I’d definitely think about using a seamless join to finish each round.  It makes more ends to weave, but it could be worth it.  There are a few octagons where the joins are somewhat glaringly obvious and… not beautiful.

Still, I like it, flaws and all.  I’m sure it’ll see some use when the cooler seasons arrive. 


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