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Waste Not, Want Not

I’ve finished the border for the Ugly-Cute afghan!  (And changed its name to the more positive “Waste Not, Want Not”.)  It’s taken a while, because apparently crocheting the same thing over and over again, around and around, is, well, boring.  It depends on the pattern, I guess, but the border I chose was extremely repetitive.

I thought I’d try to use up as much as possible of my remaining (but dwindling) stash of Caron Simply Soft.  (All except those skeins set aside for a different afghan– all shades of blues, grey, and white, if I recall correctly.)  I was aching to slap the “FINISHED” stamp on this project, though, so I stopped well before the yarn ran out.  There’ll be more leftover Simply Soft than planned. (Some way to use the rest will come along.)

A few photos of the finished scrap-buster:

"Waste Not, Want Not" Afghan

"Waste Not, Want Not" Afghan

"Waste Not, Want Not" Afghan

It turned out prettier than I would’ve thought, when I started it.  (A bit rumply, but…)  I don’t think it’ll be out on display, like this, but it’s perfectly serviceable.  I kind of like the “used every last bit” look– that “use it up, wear it out” style of thrift. 

I’d like to make another “scrappy” granny square afghan, sometime, but if I do, I’ll forgo the round of single crochet (last round of the squares in this afghan), use only pieces that are long enough to complete a round (i.e. no “magic knots”, no extra ends to weave in), and I’ll probably opt for “JAYGO”.  (I got sooooo tired of the slip-stitch join!  JAYGO’s the way to go.)  I’d likely also make the squares more than two rounds each– three or four, at least.  Oh, and I’d strive to use only yarn of a (very) similar weight.  (That can be tricky at times, which is why I’m trying to get rid of the Simply Soft-style so-called worsted-weight.)

Now to start collecting scraps… ;o)


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