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Vintage Yarn Labels

I bought a bag of (mostly acrylic) yarn at a thrift store, last week.  There were a few older-looking labels in the mix.  It’s always interesting to see those, I think, so I snapped some photos to share.

Mary Maxim Mellowspun

Mary Maxim is still around, of course, and it looks like Mellowspun is, too, but this particular skein looks a little old, so I’m counting it as “vintage”. ;o) Also, the fact that it is listed as “100% Orlon” instead of just “100% acrylic” indicates it’s not new, I believe.

I love how these old acrylics boast that they are:  Mothproof!  Colorfast!  Non-allergenic!


FIESTA! I love the font and bright colors in this label. It looks very 80s to me…  And look, it’s a Special Value.  Only 58 cents a skein!

It’s funny that after indicating that it’s machine washable and dryable, the label points out that you can also handwash it, if you choose.  …Yeah, I’d say that handwashing would always be an option, but thanks for putting my fears to rest, FIESTA.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Yarn

My favorite label from the lot, though, was this one. Jonathan Livingston Seagull Handicraft Yarn. I remember my parents talking about reading the novella in school (back in the 70s), and it just strikes me as hilarious that there was a brand of yarn “based on” the book.

(I see that it was originally 48 cents at K-Mart.)

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Yarn

Check it out! This is “a very special yarn based on the very special thoughts expressed in JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL.”  It’s “for creating any number of imaginative, unique items by any handcraft process you choose– rugs, crocheting, knitting, macrame, etc.  The versatility of this acrylic yarn is limited only by your desire to create.”

Limited only by my desire to create… That’s deep, man.  Deep…  ;o)

Acrilan!  An acrylic fiber by Monsanto.

Unfortunately, the Seagull yarn is bulky and very rough.  (It might have done well for macrame.)  I think I’ll end up making flat circular scrubbers with it. 

Well, that was all the fun stuff.  The only other yarn in the bag that was still labeled was modern-era Red Heart.  (g) 


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