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Vintage Pattern: Textured Stripes Afghan

I’m nearly caught up on the Crochet Sampler Favorites (part 2) CAL.  I’m working on the “On the Huh” square now, and the next square was supposed to have been announced yesterday, so once I finish this one, I’ll head over and see what’s next.  And then I’ll be waiting for the next square, I guess.  There’s only one square announced every two weeks (I think), and at that rate, the last square won’t be announced until the end of September.  I’m beginning to think I’ll have a hard time waiting!

I don’t have any photos of the rest of the squares (yet– maybe I’ll take some this afternoon), but I’ve really been enjoying the CAL!  My pinks and purples (mostly chosen to use them up out of my stash) have actually really grown on me, and I’m finding it a lot of fun to make just one of each pattern.  I still feel a bit apprehensive about joining them together (because I suspect most of my stitch counts won’t match), but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  In late September / early October.  (g) 

I still really love the look of afghans made from many of the same motifs, but with a sampler, you don’t have time to get bored with a pattern.  There’s always something new to figure out or play around with.  I see more sampler afghans in my future, and I heartily recommend them to anyone who has been avoiding large projects because they tend to get bored easily. 

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One of the skeins I’ve been using for the CAL Sampler is an old one I bought at a church-run thrift store.  The brand is Sayelle (by Caron International) and it was originally bought at a K-Mart.  Based on the look of the font, I’d say this yarn was sold in the 80s or so.  In any case, this particular band had a free pattern printed on the inside.

The pattern has a boring name– “Textured Stripes Afghan”– but it actually looks kind of nice, I think.  The paper is brittle, so I decided to scan it, in case I want to make it, sometime.  Anyone else interested?  I’d love to see better photos of it…


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