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Victorian Ornaments Afghan

Here’s one of those projects I won’t be starting anytime soon.  ;o)  (Even after the Christmas stuff is done, I will deny myself the fun of starting any new afghan project until I’ve finished the “Gypsying”/African Flower one already in progress.  One must have some self-control. (g))

But if I can’t make it right now, maybe someone else can, so I’m spreading the word!

The pattern in question is the Victorian Ornaments Afghan.  Very pretty worked in Christmas colors– but I don’t see why it couldn’t be crocheted in any colors you like.  There’s nothing inherently seasonal about the afghan, imho.  The “ornament” shape of the motifs is your typical “cat’s eye”/”pointed oval”*, which is decorative at any time of year.  (In fact, if I ever do make this blanket, it will not be Christmas-themed, because I prefer afghans that I could– in theory– use all year.) 

The pattern was published in Crochet! Magazine (Autumn 2011), but if you don’t have that issue, you’re in luck, as it’s currently available for free on Caron’s website!  (Yay!) Here’s a link.  :o)

I’m amazed that there are not more projects for the pattern on Ravelry.  It does look a little beyond a beginner’s skill level– and I bet it’s not as easy to put together as rows and columns of squares– but it would be a nice challenge.  It’s definitely a change of pace from the typical afghan.   I’ve downloaded the PDF and I’m keeping the pattern in my queue, just in case…

*  Back when I was just finishing the Circle of Friends afghan, I had the
idea of making an afghan out of groovy, retro-chic ;o) pointed ovals.  I
even went so far as to work up a sample, but when I realized that I
would need to design a second shape/motif in order to separated the
ovals and keep them from pulling into plain old diamonds, I gave it up
as beyond my abilities.  Fortunately, someone else had a similar idea
and was much more persevering.  (g)


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