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Various and Sundry

Today, I have a couple each of FOs and WIPs. 

First, the most boring of the bunch– another crochet mesh grocery bag.  I’ve lost track of how many of these I’ve made, at this point.  It might be the seventh one. 

The project link above has all the particulars, but suffice it to say that these are handy bags for toting some things (not so great for others, of course, with all those holes), and they work up quickly.  I made this one mainly because I had one final skein of that variegated mercerized cotton and couldn’t think of anything better to do with it.  This way, at least it’s out of my stash, and it’s a useful object. 

Mesh Grocery Bag

Second FO:
Earlier this week, I decided I’d like a box of tissues for my bedside table.  Time to make a kitschy tissue box cover!  This was the fourth such cover I’ve crocheted (two as gifts), so I was familiar with the pattern.  It works out great every time! 

I pulled four balls of yarn from my scrap bag (the one I’m using for granny squares), selecting two shades of light blue, a cream, and a very pale violet-pink– all worsted-weight acrylic. 

Crocheted Tissue Box Cover

I opted to add a round of crab stitch (reverse single crochet) to the bottom edge, which ended up a little tight– almost a built-in cinching at the bottom, to hold the cover more tightly around the tissue box. 

I’m satisfied with the results.  :o)  It’s a cozy project, wonderful for instant gratification. 

Crocheted Tissue Box Cover

There’s a doily waiting for blocking, but I’ve also started a new one– “Ahmanet”, which is Grace Fearon’s latest release.  I don’t often bother with “in-progress” photos of doilies, these days, but this is a fairly large doily, so it seemed a little more worth the effort (and it may be a while before I finish this one). 

I’m enjoying making this, though it did get off to a tricky start!

WIP: "Ahmanet"

I’ve also cast on a knitting project– a hat.  The pattern is “Sitka Spruce” by tincanknits. 

It’s been months since I knitted!  The last time was probably when I was working on the hedgehog mittens (…which I still need to finish…), so it’s been a while.  I’m excited to be knitting again, even though it’s not quite my comfort zone, compared to crochet. 

"Sitka Spruce"

This pattern has twisted stitches.  It might be the first time I’ve knitted twisted stitches.  (At least, making them doesn’t seem familiar.)  So far, I think I like them.  They seem to work up faster than cables. 

So, those are the two main knit/crochet projects I’m working on, for now, with the occasional granny square thrown in.  It’s hard to choose between them!


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