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Two More Sampler Squares (and Crumb Blocks)

I have two more sampler afghan blocks to share today!

Maude in Spring:

"Maude" Afghan Block

Pattern:  “Maude”, by Polly Plum
(paid pattern, available on Ravelry)

This felt like a fairly complicated pattern, in places, but as usual with Polly Plum patterns, the instructions are extremely detailed, which helps.  The “woven corners” (Rnd 8) are particularly tricky, but it’s possible to leave them un-woven, if you prefer.

I changed things slightly to get my block to the right size to match my other sampler blocks.  (Details on my project page, linked above the last photo.)

Tons of scope for playing with colors here.

"Maude" Afghan Block

– – – – – – –

Springtime Victor:

"Victor" Afghan Block

Pattern:  “Victor”, by Polly Plum
(free pattern, available here on the designer’s website,

This is a pretty block– and it’s free!  When it was first released, it was only a 9-inch block, but the designer has since added a free 3-inch border, which was a happy surprise.  (I was expecting to have to improvise to get the block up to size.)  This border may not be quite so eye-catching as some of the borders featured in Polly Plum’s “Lovestruck Collection” (which includes a few of the patterns I’ve already crocheted for this afghan), but I think it’s interesting– simple, but attractive, with quite a bit of textural appeal.

I used one round of dc instead of the last two rounds of the built-in border (to get the block to the correct/matching size).

This pattern can look very different depending on color placement.  I think my colors, this time, ended up looking a little busy and ineffective, but I wanted to squeeze in as many of the sampler colors as possible… And it will be fine, mixed in with all the other blocks.  It’s not bad, just not the best it could’ve been– but they can’t all be my favorite, I guess.

"Victor" Afghan Block

I only need two more blocks to reach twenty!  I’m crocheting “Beauty in Excellence” next.

– – – – – – –

I’ve been procrastinating starting my next sewing project, so in the meantime, I’m just playing around with crumb blocks.  I think I mentioned before that I decided to increase the size of the crumb blocks, so I’m joining up the smaller ones and adding to them to bring them up to size.

I still don’t have a very wide variety of small scraps, so the crumb blocks are a little more homogeneous and boring than I would like.  I probably won’t make too many more until there are some new additions to the scrap box.

Crumb Blocks

Crumb Blocks

(Some of these fabrics look very wrinkled.  I did press them…)

Crumb Blocks

My next sewing project is partially sketched out.  The next step is to narrow down the fabric options to those I’ll actually use, and then I can get started cutting fabric and making more half-square triangles!


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