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Two More Sampler Blocks (and Crumb Quilting)

Two more blocks done for the sampler!  That makes a total of sixteen.

First, it’s the one I “sneak-peeked” last time:

“Lise in Spring”

"Lise" Afghan Block

Pattern:  Lise, by Polly Plum
(pattern available for free on Ravelry)

The clever construction is easier than it may appear.  There’s lots of opportunity for color play, as well as good textural interest.

I left off a round or two to get it to match my existing sampler blocks in size.  Fortunately, all the most interesting parts of the original pattern fit into this slightly smaller version.

"Lise" Afghan Block

Second, it’s “Floral Dimension of Spring”:

"Floral Dimensions" Afghan Block

Pattern:  Floral Dimension, by Laurie Dale
(pattern available for free on Ravelry)

There are quite a variety of stitches and techniques in this one!  I particularly like the “bumps” (Rnd 3) and the scallops.  I made a few changes (see my project page link above for details), but kept the central motif as written.

"Floral Dimensions" Afghan Block

At this point, I could call it done and join the blocks with a 4×4 layout; however, I think I’d prefer 4×5, so I still have four blocks to go.  Then I’ll lay them all together again and see if it’s good as it is or if I should go for 4×6 blocks instead.  (And if I have enough yarn to do so.)

– – – – – – –

I’ve been crocheting a doily, too– “Captivating“, by Patricia Kristoffersen.  The part I’m on now is very repetitive, but that makes it a good project for TV-watching/listening.

The sewing machine has also been been stretching its legs.  I pulled out my crumb quilt supplies (and some rolls of “strings” to supplement the “crumbs”) and have been playing around a little.

Playing with Crumbs and Scraps

Back when I started piecing crumb blocks, I was making them very small– 5.5″ squares.  Now I’ve rethought it and am making them 12.5″ squares, instead.  That seems more manageable a size for dealing with, when it comes time to join them.  I’m connecting some of the smaller squares as I go, and they’ll gradually be incorporated into some of these larger blocks.

Playing with Crumbs and Scraps

It’s kind of messy-looking, but it’s practice with the machine, and I think it will make an interesting quilt, in the end.  I like the fact that you don’t need a plan– don’t have to measure– don’t even need to think much.  Just sit down and sew  and use up scraps–  and see what happens.

I returned to this on-going, mindless sewing project after trimming the last loose threads on… my first real quilt!  Yes, I finally finished something.  ;o)  It needs to go on its maiden voyage through the washing machine, still, but once it does, I’ll be blogging about it.


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