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Two More Done and One on the Way!

Here are another two completed blocks for the on-going sampler afghan!

First, up, “It’s Spring in June Somewhere…”:
(I’m giving all my blocks names with some reference to spring, since springtime pastels were my inspiration for this sampler.  Technically, June is considered part of spring, in many parts of the world, but around here, it’s usually feeling more like summer by June– hence that silly name.)

"June" Afghan Square

Pattern:  June, by Polly Plum
(paid pattern, available on Ravelry)

I really like the starry look of the overlapping front-post stitches.  Puff stitches still aren’t my favorite to make, but I think these turned out well enough.  I like the look of puff stitches– particularly when other people are the ones who have to make them. ;o)

I made a couple of small changes from the pattern as written, detailed on my Ravelry project page.

"June" Afghan Square

Next, “Springtime Sun-Catcher”:

"Sun Catcher" Afghan Square

Pattern:  Sun Catcher, by Julie Yeager
(available for free on Ravelry)

The “overlay” look makes this block appear much more difficult than it really is.  I’m happy with how it turned out– very highly textured.

Many people have made this pattern with “stained glass” colors (usually with black or another dark color where I used pink).  It could be fun to make a stained-glass-inspired afghan, sometime.

I made a couple of deviations from the pattern.  Aside from adjusting the final rounds to make the block match my other sampler squares, I added a disc of crochet to cover what would otherwise have been a fairly lacy, open center of the block.  I’m avoiding larger “holes” in the fabric as much as possible, and I thought this would do the trick.  I’m still not sure I love the addition of the circle, but it’s not bad.  I think it’ll be alright.

"Sun Catcher" Afghan Square

My current block is another from Polly Plum– “Lise”.

It’s not nearly finished, yet, but here’s a snapshot of the progress thus far:

"Lise" Afghan Block

What will be next?
The fact that I’m trying to find less lacy/holey blocks makes it a little more difficult to find enough blocks that I want to make, but they’re out there.  Maybe I’ll try “Maude” next.  Or “Floral Dimension”… I also have my eye on “Beauty in Excellence”.

If this does turn out to be a twenty-block afghan, there are several more spots to fill!


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