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To Dye For

(Ah, dyeing!  What other crafty pursuit offers such rich opportunities for puns?)  

I’ve dyed yarn for the edging of the Catherin Wheel scarf (a.k.a. the Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe, which in almost no way resembles the inspiration scarf).

I took my last skein of “soft white” Deborah Norville’s Premier Serenity Sockweight Whatever-It’s-Called yarn… a microwave-safe bowl… a little white vinegar… and globs of No-Taste Red and Royal Blue Wilton food dye (gel form).  I followed the same basic procedure for microwave dyeing that I described (at length) in this blog entry— only all the yarn went into a single bowl.  (Not fussing with multiple colors and mini-hanks really speeds up the process!)

Dyeing Yarn

Here’s an “in-progress” photo:

Dyeing Yarn

And of course, when I gently rearranged the hank to check that all the yarn got some dye, I realized that there were undissolved blobs of red gel at the bottom of the bowl.  So now there are some highly saturated red spots.  And I have to wonder if the red just never completely dissolved or if this is a sign that I used too much vinegar (precipitating the dye), and the yarn will bleed during rinsing.  :o/  In short, there might be a little more work to do before it can drip dry…

It’ll be a while before it’s ready to use, in any case, but that’s ok.  (I’m not even sure yet what edging pattern I’ll use.)

– – – – – – –

Luna kept me company in the kitchen. 
She’s on probation because of bad behavior this morning.  Somehow she still hasn’t fully grasped the concept of letting us know when she needs to go outside.  It’s just too bad for us, if we don’t happen to read her mind or notice that she’s walking/sniffing the floor in a suspicious manner. Most of the time, letting her out on a regular basis (preemptively) works well enough, but for those more unpredictable or urgent calls of nature…
…It’s a good thing she’s cute.  ;o)



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