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The Sticking Scissors Get the Oil…

I finished snipping my rag-quilted lap quilt last night, during the commercial breaks in the LOST season premiere. Now I just need to figure out how to wash it. I think I’m going to make a “washing bag” out of an old sheet. I’ve used an old pillow case before, to catch the loose threads from smaller projects. We’ll see how it works for a small quilt. . .

The snipping wasn’t too bad. Doing it in stages really helped keep it from becoming too much of a chore. Be advised, though, that when people talk about “watching TV” while they snip a rag quilt, what they really mean is listening to the TV. (g) It’s best to do this with something that’s more audio than visual. (As a matter of fact, I think I’ll listen to an audio book the next time I have some snipping to do.)

The snipping went much faster and easier after I oiled my snippers. I wrote yesterday that they were sticking– not springing open as much as they were supposed to. I thought I remembered them working better than that, when I first got them. When I read about someone else having used WD-40 to fix hers, I decided to quit putting it off and actually give it a try. However, I didn’t use WD-40. I was about to, but my husband suggested that I try some 3-in-One Multi-Purpose Oil, which he thought would be easier to apply (no spraying involved) and have a less offensive odor. At first, the oil didn’t seem to make any difference in the “sticky-ness” of the scissors, but after I wiped the blades, they magically began to work, springing open completely every time.

Well, I’m satisfied! Next time any of my shears begin to stick, I definitely won’t hesitate to put some type of lubricant on them, whether it’s WD-40, 3-in-One Oil, or some other similar product. (I imagine most anything of that sort will work. Just don’t forget to wipe them thoroughly afterwards. Also, it might be a good idea to store them in a plastic bag– or wrapped in a rag– or at least not in direct contact with nice materials, in case there’s some persistent residue.)

Last night, as I drifted off the Dreamland, visions of raggy projects danced through my head. ;o) I guess I’m going to have to figure out which one to pursue next!


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