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The Shame! & Popping Head Up From Pile of Secret Projects

I just discovered/realized that Ravelry has a messaging/mail feature.  And I have quite a few (by my standards) messages that I haven’t even looked at, so potentially several people have thought I’ve been ignoring them…  *guilt-blush*

Of course, I’m pretty awful about answering non-urgent e-mail and comments on other sites/blogs, so it wouldn’t be completely outside the realm of possibility that I’d have ignored them, even if I had been aware of their presence.  (Bad me!)

…Still, I think I’ll make an effort to read through and catch up on at least the more recent messages…

– – – – – – –

I’m popping my head up from under the pile of secret projects I’ve been working on, lately.  The end is in sight!!  On Christmas Day, we’ll go to our last get-together of the season, and I’ll be giving the remainder of the secret projects I’ve been working on over the past month or two. 

Most of those gifts are crochet, and one is sewn.  (Because I cautiously tried out the sewing machine earlier this week, and yes! It still works!  Thank you, Donald!)  There are also a couple of handmade items in another medium (as the artists would say).  I might post a few quick photos of those here, too…

So, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m looking forward to working on something that’s not a Christmas gift– something I can blog about, if I want to.  I already have my next knitting project lined up.  Unless something changes, it’s going to be the Nostalgia Neck Warmer.  (Not sure what yarn I’ll use.)  Until the weather cools down again (from these highs in the 70s/80s– with humidity!), I won’t have much use for it, but I want one, so I’m making it. 

I’ve also been feeling the itch to make a doily, lately.  It’s been a while since my last doily… And then were visions of blankets dancing through my head, the other day, though I ought to finish the one I’m working on, first.  And possibly work on weaving in the ends on a couple of finished afghans… (Ugh.  I’ve learned my lesson on that.  I have to work in the ends in along the way, or else I’ll take months or years to ever get them all done.)


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