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The Nerve of Some Craft Stores!

The last time I went to Michaels to buy some sale-priced yarn, I was disappointed to notice that they seem to be shifting their stock of Caron Simply Soft from the 7 oz. skeins down to the 6 oz. skeins.  And they’re not changing the sale price to reflect the shrinking skein (so I kind of doubt they’re changing the regular price, either, though I’ll admit I didn’t think to check).  That is just SO RUDE.

I’m not sure who’s to blame here… Maybe Caron is no longer making the larger skeins.  (I’ve noticed before that other stores carried only the smaller skeins.)  On the other hand, Caron probably isn’t forcing Michaels to charge the same amount for a 6-oz. skein that they charged for a 7-oz. one, before the switch. 

I know, I know.  Prices go up on everything.  (Don’t I know it!)  But still.  Please allow me to be irritated.  ;o)

Oh well.  I dug around and found the 7-oz. skeins where they were available.  (Thought they could hide them from me in the bottom of the bin, did they?  Ha!  I’m no amateur!)  For the rest, what can you do?  I’m already using sale-priced acrylic instead of fancy natural fibers, for my afghans.  I figure everyone spends a certain amount of money on his or her recreational activities.  Considering the hours (and hours) of enjoyment I get from crocheting (and the fact that I’m making extremely useful blankets that double as decorative objets d’art (g)), it’s still a pretty affordable hobby.

Now, just don’t get me started on the fact that I found steel crochet hooks on clearance at the nearest Hobby Lobby, last time I was there.  Are they going to stop carrying the smallest hooks altogether?  That would be most annoying, Hobby Lobby.  We are not best pleased with you, today.

They had also marked down most colors of their Rustica thread, but considering that it is unmercerized and I have never used it, anyway, I can’t work up the will to be that upset about it.  Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t bode well for the thread department as a whole… 


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