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Testing the Waters in Crochet. . .

A while ago, in an effort to re-acquaint myself with basic crochet, I crocheted several dishcloths. I still haven’t woven in the ends and given them a whirl in the sink, but making them did the trick of getting me interested in crochet, again.

I spent part of the weekend (ok, way too much of the weekend) looking through free patterns online (and hoarding them away for future use), and I found a few that looked especially interesting. Now I just have to match the yarn in my stash to the patterns. Oh, and figure out how to translate the patterns into finished objects. My crochet know-how is still very limited, but the only way I’ll learn new stitches is to try them.

I think I’m going to start with this scarf— or this one, which is basically the same thing– but that’s only if I can figure out the “love knot” (aka “lover’s knot” or “Solomon’s knot”). I gave it a quick try last night, but I didn’t quite get it. What I saw before me on my hook didn’t resemble the illustrations in the pattern. However, after finding a video and that second pattern, which has more detailed instructions and photos instead of drawings, I feel more confident. I’m going to give it another try, tonight.

I hope I can get it to work. It looks like a fun, quick project, and it would be nice to get some instant gratification, after spending so much time researching patterns.

This is the yarn I’m thinking of using– Yarn Bee’s Sweet Delight Pomp in the Ladybug colorway:

Baby Bee -- Sweet Delight Pomp -- Ladybug

That’s the closest I got to representing the colors faithfully (on this monitor, at least). It’s a mixture of pale pink, watermelon pink, powder blue, and dark grey.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to see soon whether or not this yarn suits the pattern. I get the feeling that variegated yarn has limited uses, since so much of it doesn’t look great in crochet (from what I’ve seen so far). Too much variation just distracts from the pattern. At least if this combination isn’t satisfactory, I have an even simpler pattern I can try with it.


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