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Summer in Sweden, Specifics

Someone expressed an interest in the exact color combinations I used in the squares for my Summer in Sweden Throw, and since I’m looking for ways to procrastinate various things I ought to be doing, why not? ;o)

(If you’re wondering what throw I’m talking about, you can read about the “Summer in Sweden” crochet afghan in this entry— and a few earlier ones– or check out the Ravelry project page.)

First, here’s a list of the brands and colors I used.  I’ve assigned each one a letter, except for the Antique White, which is used as the last round in each square and for joining the finished squares. (I think I forgot to mention the peach color in at least one earlier entry.  Oops!  The peach was an unlabeled acrylic worsted I found in a thrift store.  Any peachy acrylic yarn in similar weight would work.)

Caron Simply Soft:
A:  Ocean
B:  Dark Sage
C:  Persimmon
D:  Soft Blue
E:  Lt. Country Blue

Loops & Threads Impeccable:
F:  Lt. Fern
G:  Grass
H:  Pumpkin
I:  Butterscotch

Caron One Pound:
J:  Sunflower

Unknown brand: 
K:  Peach

Lion Brand Pound of Love:
Antique White

There are 54 squares, and each one is a little different from the rest.  Here are the combinations for each square, using the “key” outlined above.  I’ll start with the first color used (the center of the motif) and work my way out.  Again, the Antique White is used for the last round of every square, so to simplify things, I’ve left that off the codes.

(Click the photo to see it bigger.  This photo is to give you a visual of the whole afghan. There are better photos in the earlier blog entry, but I don’t believe any of them show the entire afghan spread out like this.)

  1. G A C
  2. I H D
  3. E J B
  4. K B I
  5. F E H
  6. E G C
  7. C D J
  8. I K A
  9. F A K
  10. C G A
  11. B F D
  12. E I A
  13. I E B
  14. J E F
  15. C I H
  16. K C F
  17. A I G
  18. D H K
  19. C A J
  20. A D G
  21. J C B
  22. B J D
  23. F B J
  24. C D B
  25. G B E
  26. J A F
  27. H I D
  28. E H F
  29. D J A
  30. F C I
  31. A F H
  32. B I E
  33. J D A
  34. A K C
  35. G C J
  36. A G E
  37. H E G
  38. K G A
  39. D C G
  40. D A J
  41. A J E
  42. C E H
  43. B E I
  44. E F B
  45. B C J
  46. G D A
  47. E K H
  48. I B G
  49. G E H
  50. K H D
  51. D G B
  52. H F C
  53. B G E
  54. C J D

If you want to put them together in the same order I did, here’s how:

The squares are assembled in numerical order, from left to right, in rows of six squares.  (So numbers 1-6 make the first row.  Under that is a row composed of numbers 7-12, and so on.)  

I described how I worked the border in the blog entry linked above… and I think that covers the whole project.  :o)

If anyone happens to try this and finds an error (which is entirely possible), please leave a comment so I can correct it.


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