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Summer in Sweden, Progress

Ovalish Fancello Pineapple Doily

Apart from blocking a few doilies (Treasure, Summer Splendor, and the Fancello Pineapple Oval– all of which I still need to photograph…), I’ve been spending my crochet time on the Summer in Sweden afghan.

Scattered Squares

Crocheted Squares in Formation

I made the first two batches of eleven blocks (each) using the assembly line method, as I described in an earlier entry.  I modified the method for the next batch(es), mainly because I was running out of a couple of colors– but also because I wanted to emphasize one or two bolder, darker colors, or use them more often so that they wouldn’t feel unbalanced in the blanket. 

Stacks of Color

To date, I’ve crocheted 40 blocks– mostly only rounds 1-4 of each.  I think I might want to add another column/row/whatever of blocks to the width (possibly to the length as well), but I’m going to wait until my current set of squares are all done before I make that call.

Ready for the Last Two Rounds

In the meantime, I’ve moved on to rounds 5 and 6 of the current, existing squares.  Those are the rounds worked in the main (joining) color.  I’m using a pale cream– Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in “Antique White”.  I’m trying to crochet no more than three or four at a time, then stop to weave in the ends.  The end-weaving is going well, so far.  It’s not as bad as I feared it might be, and I’m really enjoying the process of crocheting and weaving.  Of course, I’ve only woven in the ends of five of them so far, so that could change. (g) 

Completed Squares

Completed Squares

…Well, I know at least one thing I’ll be doing this weekend!


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