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Subdued Granny Cushion

I finally made myself go ahead and finish the cushion cover I started last month.  This could have been a very quick project, but I took my time putting the two halves together, so it ended up dragging out about a month.  I’m highly skilled in the art of procrastination. ;o)

My Day 5/31:  Distraction

I used 16 of the Summer Garden Granny Squares for the front panel; for the back, I just made one large traditional granny square, adding rows until it was as big as the front panel. I edged each panel in a round of sc in the same color, then connected the two panels around the pillow insert with a round of single crochet (again, in the same color).

Subdued Granny Cushion - Front

Subdued Granny Cushion - Back

For a simple border, I used a modified* version of border #83 from Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner: Crochet Borders. (My first time making the bead stitch. I like it! I creates a slightly nubby texture… kind of like the bumps on the Circle of Friends square, but smaller.)

*The modifications: First, I used hdc instead of dc for the final round, because I didn’t want the border to be too deep and “floppy”. The second alteration was a mistake, but it worked out fine, anyway. Instead of crocheting the hdc on the corners together, I completed each one separately. This doesn’t give you a sharp corner, but it looks fine– particularly if you don’t have the sharp-cornered border for comparison. (I didn’t notice until I’d done a fair bit of the edging, and I’d already discovered that I don’t enjoy the process of crocheting an edging on a stuffed pillow.)

A few of the colors (brown, maroon, and burgundy) in the photos look more similar than they do in the actual cushion, incidentally…

So there it is– my first (completed) crocheted cushion!  I’m already thinking about making a smaller pillow cover in a different pattern (but similar colors).  I’ve always wanted to try the catherine wheel stitch…  First, though, I ought to make a pillow so I can finish that first novelty yarn cushion cover I started so long ago…


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