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Storing Grocery Bags in Style

Ok, I’ll admit it: The perceived usefulness of these links will vary greatly from person to person.

I’ve gotten by for years just using one plastic grocery bag to hold all of the rest. Or, actually, several plastic grocery bags crammed to the bursting point with the rest. I take them back to the store to be recycled, but most of the time I forget, so I end up with lots of them stuffed on the bottom shelf of the pantry.

However, “getting by” and doing it with style are two very different things. ;o) If, like me, you’re tired of looking at plastic bags, you may want to give this grocery bag dispenser tutorial a look. It seems like a very quick and easy project– and if I had some elastic on hand, I’d probably give it a try right away. (I have an idea that might allow me to do it even without waiting for my next shopping trip. We’ll see. . .)

If you’re less interested in the looks of the thing and happen to have an old sweatshirt destined for the rag bag, you can even make a no-sew version. (Personally, I think it’s worth the sewing to have a pretty one for my kitchen, but if you want one to hang in the garage, potting shed, or workshop, this might do fine!)


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