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Still Crocheting Away!

I just realized that I haven’t updated on my progress on the Procrastination Afghan.

Well, I’m still crocheting away at it at least a little almost every day.

I like doing a little in bed at night to unwind before going to sleep (with the TV going in the background or the mp3-player providing a soundtrack).  There’s something very relaxing about such a repetitive pattern.

146/365 - dc 5 in next sc

Though it is very repetitive, so far I haven’t found that to be annoying.  (That said, maybe I ought to mention that I’m the kind of person who likes to re-watch, re-read, and re-listen to things perhaps a little more than average.)

After making some mistakes from time to time in my counting (or by failing to skip a sc now and then), earlier in the project, I thought I’d finally gotten past that phase.  I’d gone row upon row with no mistake (or at least none that went beyond a few stitches before I noticed them).  But then.  I found a mistake last night back in the previous row.  (I had double crocheted 4 instead of 5.  Oh, the shame. ;o))  Rather than ripping out all that work, I decided to just fail to skip a sc (on purpose this time) in that general vicinity.  My stitch count should be right on the  next row, and I really doubt such a small aberration will be noticeable in the finished product.  We’ll see.  I think it’ll work out, but if it doesn’t look right, I can always go back and re-do it– only it’ll be even more work lost, now. *gulp*

Here’s a look at the afghan as of day-before-yesterday:

154/365 - Getting There

I’ve been making pretty good progress, by my standards, but I’m not sure just how much progress.  I’m not really worrying about gauge (haven’t checked it even yet, as a matter of fact), so I don’t know if I need the same number of rows as called for in the pattern.  Even if I did know that my gauge matched the pattern, I don’t really know how many rows I have.  (As you can see, I’m not an absolute control freak in this area of my life, at least. (g))  I’m really just going until I either run out of yarn (which I don’t think will happen) or I feel it’s the right lenghth.  (I’m hoping for it to be long enough to cover up well with on the couch– bigger than just a lapghan.) 

Sooner or later I’ll decide I’ve hit the magic length, then I’ll need to see what yarn I have left over and how I can use it to add an edging or border.  I believe the pattern only calls for a row of single crochet down the long (straight) sides of the blanket.  I’ll probably do that– or maybe a couple of rows– but I may add a little extra trim.  Depends on how it looks. . .

So, there’s my progress report, such as it is.  It’s still a highly effective procrastination tool. 


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