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Still Alive; Still Crocheting. ;o)

Time for the typical “why I haven’t been around lately” post.  ;o)

I’ve been busy with other stuff, I guess.  (?)

I’m still crocheting on my Big Secret Projects (two of them).  Well, I had put them aside for a while, but I’ve picked them up and I’m nearing the end of of Phase 2 (of 3) in one of them.  I’ll probably switch to the other one and finish Phase 2 of it before starting Phase 3 on this first project.  (Isn’t this fascinating, when you have no idea what pattern I’m even talking about?)  It’s extremely repetitive, but I’m seeing progress, so that’s ok.

Not so much progress on the cables front.  Spring/early summer seems to already have found its way to southern Alabama, so I’m not in any hurry on any cold-weather projects… but it would still be nice to finish the Celtic Cables Neckwarmer, just so I could call it done.  I kind of dread picking it back up, though.  I’ll have to remind myself of the pattern, because I’ve pretty much forgotten it, by now.

What else…?

Oh, I started another doily– my first Elizabeth Hiddleson!  Actually, I started one then ripped it out because… I can’t remember.  I think I did something wrong right off the bat.  Anyway, I’d only put in a few rounds, I think, so it wasn’t a big deal– but by the time I ripped that out, I’d found a different Hiddleson pattern that I liked better… so I started that one, instead. (g)

So, I’m crocheting Hiddleson’s “Pretty Baby” doily in size 10 thread, and it was growing nicely when I set it aside for a while… and, yeah, you guessed it.  Now I’m out of the groove on that one, too.  I’ll pick it up again sometime, but maybe I’ll finish Phase 2 of the Big Secret Projects before doing so.  (I have that part of the pattern memorized now, so it seems like a shame to stop before it’s done…)

I saw a crocheted bowl somewhere and it reminded me that I’ve wanted to try that.  Originally, I wanted to make a big bowl or basket… but in the end, I just used some of the thinner-gauged cotton yarn I reclaimed from thrift-store sweaters to make a couple of small “key-ring bowls”.  My first attempt turned out floppier than I liked, so I tried again with a thicker combination of yarns, a smaller hook, and a denser stitch– and I’m much happier with that one.  The floppy one is holding a few crochet essentials on the end table by “my” side of the couch, so it’s not going to waste. ;o)  (No photos yet, but the details are among my Ravelry projects.)

Somewhere along the way, I completed a small project that is also, unfortunately, Top Secret (until Christmas).  I had so much fun working on that one– my first really colorful, crazy project since I finished working on the Very Vintage V-Stitchghan!  I have another colorful project in mind, but I want to finish the Big Secret Projects before I even think about starting that one…

So, that’s what I’ve been up to, crochet- and knit-wise.
There are no photos at all.  Such a shame.  Maybe I’ll force myself to take a few photos this afternoon, now that the sun’s come out to play…


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