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Stacking Up Those Coins…

I don’t have much progress to report, really—or at least no particularly interesting progress, since it’s just more of the same from last time.  However, I wanted an excuse to try out the new blog location, so this will have to do!

I’ve continued work on the Bitcoin quilt, listening to an audiobook while I stitch, trim, and press.  (I finished the last one, The House Across the Lake, by Riley Sager.  Now it’s Daisy Darker, by Alice Feeney.)

Since I needed more strips to continue the quilt, I decided to raid the string bags and pull in some new colors and prints, as well as cutting more of the fabrics I’d already been using.  

After that, it was just more of what I’ve been doing.  Lots of sewing, sub-cutting, and more sewing, interspersed with pressing.  And then putting the sub-units on the wall, to observe my progress.  

I think I like the look of this new batch of strips better than what I had last time.  This is chiefly the result of cutting out some of the fabrics that didn’t work well in terms of contrast, but maybe the increase in pink, purple, and white is also part of the improvement.  

I had been thinking that I have too much pink in my stash.  It’s not one of my favorite colors, on its own.  Too little-girlish sweet for my current tastes, especially when used on its own.  But when it’s mixed with the right other colors, I find that I do enjoy it.  I love the pink in my Halloween quilt, for instance, and this latest experience is another reminder that I do like pink, in the right context.

…And there’s really not much more to say…

Just keep working your way through that fabric! 

Keep adding sub-units to the design wall!

Pause at the end of a sewing session to take a quick progress photo…

And wonder how many more of these you need to finish the quilt…

I had less than half of what I needed, the last time the design wall was fairly full, so I’m sure I still need more, but here’s where things stood when I snapped the last photo:

Definitely getting there!  


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