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Spooky Season Piecing

Well, I wasn’t happy with how the quilting machine was behaving (skipping some stitches), so I’ve left it for now.  Soon I’ll need to get back to it, but for now, I’ve allowed myself to start another quilt, instead. 

I had a set of Halloween-themed fat quarters bought on clearance a while back, and this seemed like a good time to finally use them.  Looking for pattern inspiration months ago, I found a starry quilt that seemed like a good match.  I selected a slightly larger block size, to make it come together a bit more quickly– and also because I thought larger blocks might better suit the fabrics.  

There are two types of star blocks in this quilt.  The pattern book I’m using calls them sawtooth stars and variable stars, but maybe they’re known by other names, too.  So far I’ve only made some of the sawtooth stars.  

Progress photos taken along the way:

That’s where I am, at this point.  I may not finish this quilt top by Halloween, but there’s no deadline.  It’s been fun to see the blocks come together, and it’ll get done, eventually.  More to follow!  

– – – – – – –

I also recently finished the moth diamond painting:  

The next one is ready to go, but I haven’t been in the mood to start it, yet.  


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