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Slow Progress on “Cherry Crunch”

Keep on Crunching...

I’m slow-poking along, but progress continues on the “Cherry Crunch” quilt.  

The first more-than-a-half of the pieces are joined, folded, and draped somewhere, waiting for the next step.  

The rest of the units are joined into five rows, and those will soon be completely sewn together.  

So things are happening—they’re just happening slowly…

I’ve started piecing the bonus units, using them as leaders and enders.  

Between these and the bonus units that came along with the “Stringy Hunter’s Star” and “Make it Pink/Make it Blue” quilts, I have quite a few small HSTs stacking up!

DIY Anti-Static Embossing Pouch

There’s a tool people use when working with embossing powders—something that’s sometimes known as an “Embossing Buddy”, which I believe is a brand name.  Essentially, it’s just a small “pillow” of fabric filled with some mystery powder.  You blot the pounce-bag over the surface before applying the ink and embossing power, and it keeps the powder from sticking where you don’t want it (which can ruin the effect of the embossing).  These little fabric bags of powder can be expensive—just about $8!  I wondered if I could make my own, if I could just learn what the powder inside is…

A short search revealed that many people have had this idea and come up with suggestions.  Most people seem to use corn starch or baby powder made from corn starch (not talc), but there are other possibilities, such as Fuller’s earth (aluminum magnesium silicate). 

I already had some baby powder, so that’s what I used for mine.  It’s scented, but I don’t think that should be a problem. 

As far as the fabric goes, I’ve seen people using a sock, a baby sock, hosiery, and quilting cotton—sometimes a single layer, sometimes doubled.  I used a scrap of cotton fabric reclaimed from an old pair of PJs.  

You don’t have to get fancy with the sewing (and if you use a sock, you can just tie a knot to close it off).  I kept mine very simple.  

I haven’t actually tried it yet, but others report that these work.  We’ll see!

30-Day Watercolor Challenge!

Day 14: "Umbrella" + "Fish" + "Fireworks"

Continuing the month-long challenge of daily watercolor painting!  

Day 15: "Cat" + "Suitcase" + "UFO"

Day 16: Shape Play

Day 15 was the last with more specific suggestions (to combine 3 “things”).  To be honest, I was getting tired of trying to come up with “scenes” (not that that was required…), so I decided to try something different.  

This is another project from the same book, Painting Happiness.  Start by painting colorful shapes.  Let them dry, then go back and add pen and ink details, more watercolor, etc. to bring them to life.

I included some color pencil, in addition to the watercolor, ink, and white gel pen.  

Day 17: Overlapping Triangles/Transparancies

Trying the overlapping shapes again, but this time I changed a couple of things, making them triangles and leaving off the pen details.  

If I do this again, I think I’d want to let the paint dry longer before layering and use only the lightest tints.  The darker teal is too dominating, in my opinion. 

Day 18: Polka Dots

Really kept it simple this time… I decided to try to use only what was on the ceramic palette.  It needs washing, but I thought I’d use the little paint on it first, which is how I chose the colors for Days 18 and 19.  

This was a chance to play around with letting colors bleed into one another (one of the prettiest aspects of watercolor) and adding table salt.  Most of the salt didn’t do much, but it worked well on the blue/green dot.

Day 19: Stones

I’ve done this before, but usually I start with a random wash over the whole page, doodle some shapes, darken the background, and add details to the “stones”.  

This time, I painted the stone shapes onto the clean page, then added the doodle details without darkening the background.


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