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Sewing Machine Cover & Faux Cathedral Windows

I finished the sewing machine cover for the Singer yesterday!

Maybe it’s not worth the exclamation point.  The cover’s pretty simple, and it’s not perfect, but it fits!  That is worth a small celebration, since 3-D sewing is tricky for some of us.  ;o)

Finished Sewing Machine Cover

I might possibly add some embellishments.  (I’m thinking crochet lace doo-dads of some sort…)  However, it probably won’t be very visible, most of the time– just sitting on that shelving unit to the right of the sewing table– so maybe it’s not worth the effort… Not to mention that with such a busy print, not just anything would be very visible…

Now that it’s done, I should think about making a cover for the new machine, but I’m still not gung-ho about that particular project.  It needs to be done, though.  I don’t want the new machine getting dusty– and the cover for the Singer won’t fit it.

– – – – –

Of course, with the new cover for the Singer finished, I promptly sat down to work on something using the old machine, rendering the cover (temporarily) useless. 

That “Faux Cathedral Windows” denim quilt I mentioned in passing during the craft room clean-up post?  I looked it up, and apparently I began it in January 2010.  So, five years later, I’m finally picking it back up.  (Sounds about right…)  I want to see the thing finished soon.

Since it’s heavy denim– and since I started it on the Singer– I decided to continue sewing it on the Singer.  (I’m trying to save the new Brother from undue strain, whenever possible.)

I had to play around with the settings a little to get the zig-zag stitch the way I wanted it.  (I’m still not sure I have it set just right, but it’ll be right enough.)  Then I had to figure out what path I would follow to eliminate as much stopping/starting and thread-cutting as possible.  I think I have a system that works, now.  I’m sure there’s a better one, but this should be fine.

I finished sewing the parts I had all pinned and ready from last time– and then I had to puzzle together the pieces.  I think I know what I was intending, back in 2010, but it took me a couple of minutes to… not so much remember as understand. (g)  (I should have made notes!) 

Here are all the pieces laid out on the floor.
There are eight partially completed “mini-quilts” now, waiting to be sewn together into strips, and then one big blanket.  And somewhere in there, I have to pin, then sew squares of fabric into all of those empty “windows”!  …Should be a snap!  ;o)

Faux Cathedral Window Quilt

This is a fairly “primitive”-style quilt.  (That’s my excuse for the sloppy sewing.)  There will be some fraying– and that’s perfectly fine.  Gives it that primitive flavor, you see.

The denim is all from old jeans.  The fabric in the windows will all be the same.  (It’s a favorite old sheet with a pale green and blue floral print.)  I’m using black thread and no batting. 

Faux Cathedral Window Quilt

I can’t wait to see it finished.  I don’t think I’ll ever want to make another quilt like this (or at least not in the near future), but I do really like the aesthetic.

The Singer is behaving nicely (~knock on wood~), but I miss the needle-up/needle-down setting from the Brother– and the little sneak-peek window that lets you see how much thread is left on the bobbin.  I’m already spoiled by that handy feature. 


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