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Secrets REVEALED!!! ;o)

As promised, I’ve come to share some photos of (some of) the secret projects I’ve been working on over the past year.

There’s more photo editing to do, so there will be at least one more post like this in the future, but since my previous post mentioned (and linked to) some of them, I thought I’d at least deal with the ones that have been “processed”.  (Note: I’ve posted lots of photos on Flickr; these are just a few.)

I’d seen some crafters make the Tucson Throw in all white and loved the look, so I made two of those– one for each pair of my grandparents. 

Lacy White Afghan

Lacy White Afghan

I think they came out nicely!  (The motifs are pretty big, though.  I wonder what it would look like in lighter-weight yarn… It would take longer to make, of course.)

I made this baby blanket for the baby that one of my cousins is expecting in February:

Bon Temps Babyghan

I made an afghan for my parents, too. It’s a DROPS design, with one of their completely unmemorable names– “120-3 Blanket crocheted in squares in ‘Karisma'”– so I’m just calling it the Karisma Afghan:

Karisma Afghan

Karisma Afghan

I chose blue and white because I know (or at least think I know (g)) that Mom likes that look.  (She has a little collection of blue-and-white china, for one thing…)  I’m afraid it looks a little cold, this time of year, but it’ll be pretty and fresh in the spring and summer– just when one most wants an afghan in southern Alabama.  ;o)

That pattern was one of the most poorly written I’ve ever used, by the way.  I actually went to the trouble of rewriting most of it.  (It’s in my Ravelry project notes, if anyone’s interested.)  I can’t promise that my rewrite is perfect, but I’m fairly confident that it couldn’t be any worse than the original!  It’s a shame, because the motif is pretty.

Leaving the realm of afghans…
I made a crocodile stitch neck-warmer for Carrie (one of my sisters).  It’s identical to one I made for myself, actually, though I’ve yet to attach a button to mine…

Pinecone Neckwarmer

…And I made a “Star Crossed Slouchy Beret” for my other sister, Kimberly. I didn’t get a decent photo of it, so here’s a non-decent one:

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

I also made a pair of Amineko Cats (and a tiny, amineko-sized, granny square blanket) for my little niece, Clarabel.

Here they are posing with the teensy one I made for myself, earlier in the year (using size 10 crochet thread):

Amineko Cats for Clarabel

I think they turned out to be pretty cute, if I do say so myself! ;o)

Amineko Cats for Clarabel

Amineko Cats for Clarabel

And until I work up the enthusiasm to edit a few more photos, that’s it, as far as formerly secret projects go! 


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