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Scrappy String Quilt Progress Post

It’s an honest-to-goodness sewing-themed blog post.  It’s almost as though this blog is aptly named!!  ;o)

I’ve been sewing the scrappy string quilt from the kit Mom gave me– and I’m really enjoying it!

A few progress photos?

Scrappy String Quilt

This is probably how I’ll lay them out, with the white central lines forming diamonds.

Scrappy String Quilt

In the photo above, you can see some of the currently “in progress” blocks, draped over the sewing machine. 

Scrappy String Quilt

And here’s a peek at the twenty blocks I’ve completed so far!

There are another ten “in progress”.  I’m not sure how many I need… I’m running low on the (very subtly-patterned) white fabric that goes down the center (or somewhere in that vicinity) of each block, so if I want to stick with one fabric for that (and it’s probably best that I do), that’ll determine how many more blocks I can squeeze out.  If the blanket needs more size, I might make a more elaborate (wider) border.  You can also put sashing (if that’s the right term) between string blocks, but I’m not sure I’m up to that, yet. 

– – – – – – –

With the string quilt holding sway, the Catherine Wheel scarf has been put on the back burner–  but it has the benefit of being a good “couch project” for those nights spent in front of the TV or computer.  (Both quilt and scarf have to compete with Luna, who is still enough of a puppy that she requires extra attention.)  The scarf is moving along very slowly, but at least it’s still on the radar.  However, with Thanksgiving next week, time to work on a couple of Christmas gifts is tick-tick-ticking away, and the scarf will have to go back into hibernation.

(Reminder to self:  Do not give in to those insane whims to start a bazillion last-minute gift projects!  Just don’t.  The potential recipients will never know or care that you didn’t get around to making fill in the blank this year, and the holiday season will be so much nicer if you aren’t needlessly stressing.  At least make an effort to scale back.)


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