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Random “Don’t Get It” Moment

Ok, so I’ve mentioned before that I use Ravelry.  It really is an amazing resource for anyone who knits or crochets (or spins or weaves).  For a long time, I used it mainly as a record for my projects and a handy place to research/find patterns and information about different yarns.

Lately, I’ve been using the forums a lot, too.  There are groups for practically anything you can think of– styles of knitting/crochet, authors/books, TV shows, bands, breeds of dogs, states/countries, political affiliations, every hobby under the sun, pattern designers, yarn companies, etc.  I enjoy reading the forums when I’m eating a meal alone or just unwinding for a few minutes during the day.  Occasionally I’ll even post a reply or two. 

After a while, you start to recognize faces avatars, even across multiple boards.  (Some of these people must be wasting spending even more time on the forums than I do! (g))  Sometimes I get curious after reading what someone says and click through to see where s/he lives… or how long s/he has been crocheting… or what other groups they belong to (because you can tell a lot about someone that way, I think).  I may even look at his/her projects.  (I’ve found some great patterns that way!) 

A few times, I’ve been amazed to see that a person has only a small handful of projects– especially when I see his/her avatar all over the place on the forums.  Obviously, they spend a lot of time on the forums, yet they don’t appear to spend much time knitting or crocheting, which is what (I assume) brought them to Ravelry in the first place.

I know, there’s no right or wrong way to use Ravely.  Maybe they simply don’t bother to enter their projects into the database.  Maybe they like to chit-chat more than they like knitting.  But come on, you have to admit* that it’s a little bit odd to hang out at the Ravelry forums on a daily basis when your one and only project is something you made back in 2009.

(And don’t even get me started on people who join political forums designated for the political party they don’t support.  Is pestering a group of people really that much fun?  Don’t they have anything better to do?!  …Says the person typing out this silly entry when she has a twenty-page “to-do” list… But you’ve got to get these things off your chest, from time to time! (g))

Alright.  A real post, next time!

* Well, ok, you don’t actually have to admit that, but I’d consider it a personal favor if you would.  ;o)


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