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Quilting Tips

Here are a couple of quilting tips I originally wrote about for my personal blog:

~~You quilting folk out there– Have you considered documenting your quilts? I think it might be a fun thing to do. You could even do it digitally (in a blog, for instance), if you preferred– but if you also like scrapbooking, it could be a fun way to combine the two interests. A quilt scrapbook. Just passing along the link. . .

~~I was also interested in this link from the same quilting info source: Used fabric softener sheets as a foundation for crazy quilt blocks. I’m still too much of a novice to think seriously about this, but maybe someday. I think a crazy quilt could be fun. It’d have to be really crazy, though– like the one Anne sleeps under when she spends the night at the Tomgallon House– so crazy that you’re almost afraid to sleep under it. (Incidentally, before searching for the right passage just now, I never realized how many times the word “crazy” appears in AoWP/W.)


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