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Putting the Pillow on Hold

My “Ruby Treasure” doily is finished!  What, you expected photos?  Ha ha ha, so funny!  …Yeah, about that… I haven’t even blocked it.  Nor have I moved photos off the camera since my last entry.  There may be one or two crochet-related photos on there; honestly, I can’t remember one way or the other.

When “Ruby Treasure” was off the hook, I decided to make a small cushion cover using the “Something Pretty” motif.  (Here’s the project page on Ravelry, but of course there are no photos there, yet.  Tsk, tsk.)  I started out thinking, “This motif hurts my hand to crochet!  Thank goodness I didn’t start an afghan with this pattern!”  By the end of the “Something Pretty” side of the cushion, I was thinking, “This motif isn’t so bad to crochet, after all, but I’m still glad I didn’t start a whole afghan.”  I made the back side of the cushion something simple, and I think I’m ready to stitch them together (and decide on an edging).  I just need to sew a pillow to go inside.  Shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to do, but I’m not feeling in the mood for dealing with the sewing machine at the moment.   Soon.

I was going to start a small, simple attempt at filet crochet– my first– but by the time I got the starting chain done, I realized that my “small” pattern was going to turn out much larger than I thought.  So I ripped out the chains, wound the thread back around the ball, and said, “Eh, maybe later.”  (g)  I think I understand the basics, at least.  Maybe I’ll just jump right in with a project I really want to make, rather than wasting time and thread on an uninteresting practice piece.  I do wonder if filet crochet might really require a smaller gauge thread (thinner than my usual size 10) to (A) look pretty and dainty, and (B) not end up taking up a whole wall, for a fairly detailed pattern.  (Ok, maybe it’s not quite that extreme…)  If nothing else, it would be a good excuse to buy more thread.  ;o)  I think I have some size 30– a partial ball bought at a thrift store for about a quarter.  I’m a little uncertain about working with such thin thread… and I don’t know how far the yardage goes with this gauge… but hey, there’s nothing to lose, really. Still, not really what I want to do right now.

So.  What next?
I think I’m going to start a doily, but maybe a non-PK doily, for a change of pace.

Should I start the Between Meals Centerpiece?  (I have no idea where I’ll put it, since I don’t have an appropriately sized round table, but why should I let a tiny detail like that stop me?)  Or should I make a pretty pineapple oval doily by Jeanne Fancello?  It’s similar to this one on Ravelry, but smaller.  I can’t find the exact pattern in Ravelry’s database.  It’s project number 13 in Number 226 of Crochet Monthly.  Actually, there are two variations of the doily in the magazine, one slightly smaller than the other.  I’d be making the larger of the two, which is still smaller than the version on Ravelry.

…I keep hesitating over making the commitment of starting the large BMC, so I’ll probably make the pineapple oval(ish) doily.  Now, what color…?


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