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Putting It Together

I’ve finally reached that point in the “Hunter’s String Star” pattern where things are coming together.

Joined units and string squares combine, from their various stacks…

And turn into the building blocks for the whole quilt:

It’s happening! It’s happening! 😉

You can see the pattern emerging!  (This won’t be the final layout, but it’s a start.)

The perfect candy for enjoying while piecing this project in neutrals and every shade of red? Jolly Rancher hard candy in “Awesome Reds”!  😁 (The reds are always the best, aside from green sour apple, of course.)

It feels like a long time coming– I guess I’m not exactly a speedy stitcher!– but it’s finally beginning to feel like I may actually complete this quilt in the not-too-distant future!

Meanwhile, I’m on the last round of the doily, so that should be done in no time at all.  There should be a finished object to show before long.


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