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Pump Up the Pumpkins! Dance! Dance!

I don’t think I included this exact view of the room in my recent “room rearrangement” post.  I love that I can see out the window from behind the sewing machine.  (That particular part of the garden could use some work, though.  Maybe I’ll plant some colorful annuals out there next year so there’s more to see.)

Sewing Table

The natural light helps, but it’s rarely enough on its own.  Any time I’m going to sew, I also switch on the ceiling light and a nearby lamp.  This happens to be a sunlight (full spectrum) lamp, which is great for showing colors accurately.  It’s actually probably overkill for “just” lighting up my sewing station, but I have it and might as well use it– and it is very bright.

– – – – – – –

I’m still working on the current quilting project– new, seasonal window dressings for the kitchen.  There are a lot of pieces, so it’s taking a while.

Piecing Pumpkin Stems

Here are all the remaining “block kits” waiting to be paired with their string-pieced pumpkins:

Pumpkin Block "Kits"

And here’s the design wall with the pumpkin blocks I’ve finished so far…

Pumpkin Blocks
Pumpkin Wall-Hanging Quilt

I don’t love adding the little triangles (stitch-and-flip squares) around the pumpkins, but they’re a necessary evil.

(I do love the dancing lines of pumpkins, though! 💚 💚 💚)

Luna offers emotional support through the stitch-and-flips.


Ok, more like “Luna is so sensitive that if I so much as sigh in frustration, she looks worried and creeps from the room with down-tucked ears and tail”.


I’m not allowed to express any negative emotion at all, according to Luna.

I don’t refer to our dogs as “fur babies”, but the saying that comes to mind is, “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”.  Luna takes this to the extreme.


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