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Progress on the Crumbs and Words Quilt

No, still not finished, but making progress.  Every bit counts!  

This isn’t quite where I left it:

But it’s close!  

Let’s back up a bit… Last time, I’d just finished putting the top and bottom padding/margins on the individual words.  After that, I put in the spacers between the words.  (I think it was something like 3″ strips, finishing at 2.5″ spaces, but I don’t remember and don’t have it beside me to check.)

Then I added in the random dots of blue before or after the words on each line of text.  And at that point, it was time to remind myself of how many crumb strips I had, how tall each was (they’re in three different heights), etc.  I decided on a layout by… laying them out.  😁  I used the floor– the only surface in the room large enough.  (Pinning these strips to the design wall would’ve been messy and just not worth the effort, in my opinion.)  

Now I’ve begun sewing the strips together.  I’m stopping as I go to trim things down and add fabric to the lines of text, to get them to the right size.  There will also be thin strips of black between some of the crumb strips, yet to be cut and pieced.  

It’s not my favorite part of the process– at all!  I find it a bit tedious, in fact, to try to get these long strips to match up.  Deciding where to start and stop each strip, where to trim…  I know there are better ways to do this– probably all involving painstaking measuring– but I’m mostly just going with the “it’ll be good enough” style of quilt-making.  Hold things up together, eyeball it, cross your fingers, and shrug.  It’s a raggedy crumb quilt.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!  

No photos of the strips coming together, this time, but here’s one more of the very careful planning stage.  😉 It was more like this: “Okay, I have three skinny ones and three gaps between the lines of text.  That’s good enough for me.  Now, turn that strip so the pumpkin’s upright… Perfect!  Looks fine to me.  Let’s move on to the next phase!”  (Apologies for the upside-down text.  It’ll be right-side-up in the quilt. 👍)

– – – – – – –

Does anyone reading this participate in the Bing / Microsoft Rewards program?  Basically, you sign up and get points for using Bing as your search engine (and doing various little daily quizzes, polls, etc.).  I do most of it in the morning, as I’m waking up and having breakfast at the computer.  

, the points are redeemable as various rewards, and I usually take them as Amazon gift cards.  Lately, I’ve been using them to buy one-yard cuts of fabric to bulk up my stash.  It’s fun to splurge a little with “free money”, and I’m always excited to get a new piece of fabric in the mail!  

The latest one-yard order came with this sticker:  

“JACKPOT – You got the end of the bolt!”  

Lucky day!  I measured, and it was nearly an extra half a yard of fabric!  Jackpot, indeed! 


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