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Procrastination Afghan — Finished!

I finished my Procrastination Afghan today!

Actually, I had it all but finished a day or two ago, but it took me that long to get around to weaving in the few loose ends and washing and drying it.

I decided to go with a simple edging, after all– just two rows of single crochet (in blue) down each length of the blanket.  The pattern specified one row, but I like the look of two.  It seemed best not to compete with the simple ripple pattern, so I resisted the urge to try something a little more complex. 

I did one other thing that I can’t remember if the pattern called for:  I added a row of single crochet to the final ripple.  I felt that would balance the blanket better, since the first ripple was also a little wider than the others– due to the chain foundation row.  Also, single crochet just feels more stable and finished than double crochet.

Here’s the finished afghan, lounging on the swing:

Procrastination Afghan-- Finished!

It turned out that I had plenty of yarn, and I still have some leftovers to use in future projects.  That’s always nice, even if some of the colors still aren’t what I’d choose to buy today. . .  However, the colors did grow on me as I worked with them.  Though they’re not my current favorites, I now remember why I liked them before.  They make me think of woodlands and nature trails and vintage National Park signs.  Pine cones. . . Smokey the Bear. . .  “Only YOU”. . . That sort of thing.

Procrastination Afghan-- Finished!

Though (as I mentioned in earlier posts) I had a little trouble in some of the earlier rows (due to absentmindedly messing up the counting or failing to skip a stitch), the pattern eventually became second nature.  Now, I think I could almost crochet it with my eyes closed.   . . .Or at least crochet it again with far fewer uh-ohs. 

This has been a very soothing project, and now that it’s done, I’m not sure what to crochet next.  I have several ideas, but I can’t seem to decide.  (Not such a bad problem to have, though, is it?)

Procrastination Afghan-- Finished!

Dimensions:  (roughly) 48.5″ x 74″

Number of ripples:  Sixty-nine (if I counted right. . .)

Hours of work:  No telling, and it’s probably best I don’t know. . .

Amount of yarn, price of yarn, etc.:  Again, ignorance is bliss.  Since I used cheap(ish) acrylics, it’s a fraction of what it’d cost if I’d been using something fancy.  It’s probably still more expensive than if I’d just gone out and bought a cheap blanket, but where’s the fun in that?  ;o)

Ravelry link (again):   Procrastination Afghan

All in all, I really enjoyed making this afghan. I’d definitely recommend the pattern to someone looking for a simple ripple.  If you don’t mind single crochet, double crochet, and lots (and lots) of repetition, give it a look.


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