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Playing Possum

Yarn made from possum fur…
I’ve seen it mentioned once or twice before, but somehow I manage to forget, so each time feels like the first… That sensation of disbelief. 

It’s not uncommon to see opossums (which we call just “possums”) around here, foraging for food in the woods or as roadkill.  Are the Australian or Kiwi possums this yarn is coming from much different from the ones we have in North America?  I really don’t know.  Our “possums” are wild, scary-looking creatures with beady eyes, claws, and needle-like teeth.  I have a very hard time thinking of them as a cuddly source of yarn.  Now, maybe possum yarn is wonderfully soft.  I wouldn’t know.  Certainly it could be fun to tell people, when they comment on an article of clothing, that it’s made from possum fur.  (And then to watch as they struggle to cover an expression of horror or disgust with one of polite interest.) 

All that said, when I first learned that people made yarn from dog fur, I was skeptical– but the longer I’ve thought about it, the more reasonable it seems.  I’ve even started saving some of my Eskie’s fur, in case I ever work up enough enthusiasm to try hand-spinning…


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