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Photos Aplenty

To make up for the last image-less entry, here are some hastily-snapped photographs…

– – – – – – –

I forgot to mention that I crocheted a little doily for my mother’s birthday. I tried out the heart-shaped doily from Patricia Kristoffersen’s
99 Little Doilies, using the left-over thread from when I crocheted her “Gallant” pattern.

I believe this was my first time making a multi-motif doily, and I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about it. (g)  It wasn’t awful, but I don’t see myself making huge, motif-based, thread tablecloths or bedspreads anytime soon.  (Not that I ever was tempted…  Doilies are enough to satisfy my appetite for thread crochet.)  The last round of the border was by far the most time-consuming, patience-demanding part of this pattern.  (Phew.  I feel my blood-pressure rising just remembering it…)

Candy Hearts & Paper Flowers

Next up, my current doily– Hiddleson’s “Pretty Baby” (which I’m calling “Lotus Bloom”, because let’s be honest– a doily doesn’t look like a baby (g)):

My First Hiddleson Doily

It looks pretty messy in that photo, but I’m assuming it will look (much) nicer once it’s finished and blocked.

My floppy first attempt at a crocheted bowl:

Floppy Crochet Bowl

…And my better second attempt:

Crochet Key Bowl

I like the effect of the two tones of green in that bowl. (If I do say so myself. ;o))

Next, some “no comment” photos of the sneak-peek sort. (Shared on the premise that it’s a long way until Christmas, so maybe even if someone sees this who shouldn’t maybe they’ll have forgotten about it by the time December rolls around.)

Playing with Colorful Yarn
Having Fun with Colorful Yarn
Sneak Peek

And finally, a couple of photos of how I spent a little time this afternoon…

Mess-Maker-- That's Me.

What is all that stuff, anyway? Doesn’t look like yarn… or crochet thread… Doesn’t even look like fabric. Hm…

All will be revealed tomorrow or the next day, but if you look closely, maybe you can figure it out on your own:

What Could It Be...?

And that’s all I have for the old blog for today!


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