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Only by Hand?

I was just reading something about the crochet hats worn by Sweden’s athletes at the Winter Olympics (which I’ve written about before, in the blog entry linked), when this statement caught my eye:

“Crochet cannot be done by machine.”

Is this really, truly true?
In my quick googling, I’ve found several people saying the same thing, but I’m still not sure I believe it.

If it is true. . .

I don’t see how anyone can seriously be all snooty about knitting versus crocheting.  I mean, no offense to knitters– and I might even try my hand at knitting myself, one day, if I get bored with crochet (and my many other crafty interests)– but really, if a machine can do one of them but not the other. . .

Well, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.  ;o)

P.S.  I’m beginning to suspect that I have this blog account set up so that I’m not e-mailed about new comments!  I thought I just wasn’t getting any comments– not that unusual– but a day or two ago I happened across a recent one and assumed I’d just missed the e-mail notification.  Fair enough.  However, now I see another comment that I was unaware of.  Time to go poking around in the settings tab and see what there is to see. . .


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