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One Step at a Time…

Sometimes my craft projects seem to creep along at a snail’s pace, but they (usually) get there eventually, one step at a time. 

Today’s “one step” is on the Hunter’s String Star quilt.  I’m very nearly finished with joining HSTs to chevron units.  There are only a handful left to do, and then it’s on to the next step in that particular pattern. 

I’m also just a step (or two) from finishing my current doily project.  There are only two rounds remaining!  They look fairly time-consuming in the pattern, but an evening or two of crocheting in front of the TV should knock those out, as long as I don’t make mistakes.

Of course, I could have already been done with the doily, if I hadn’t taken a detour and crocheted another tissue box cozy.  (Pattern: “Granny’s Tissue Box Cover”, by Daniela Herbertz)

Well… Sometimes a little detour is worth taking!  It keeps things exciting!

– – – – – – –

Speaking of detours, I’ve never put a gif in one of my blog entries before, but I’ve started playing around with making gifs of the dogs, so I thought I’d give it a try now. 

These are both Mr. Frodo.  The first one is from when his fence/pen was still in place and he would “bounce the fence” at us.  And the second is him jumping up.  (He is extremely bouncy.  “Tigger” would’ve been a great name for him, if we’d seen into the future!)

If these work, I may end up sharing more doggy gifs, from time to time. 
(Something to look forward to? 😉)


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