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Old-Fashioned Update

The collection of granny squares for the “Old-Fashioned” afghan slowly multiplies.

They’re such fun to make!  Mindless, carefree crochet.  The only downside, really, is all the ends to weave in.  Two per color, four colors per square = eight ends per square.  (Woo, basic arithmetic.) Whip up a handful of granny squares, and before you know it you’ve got 30 or 40 ends hanging there, taunting you.  It’s a must to stop regularly and weave them in, because I hate having a ton of ends to weave at the end of a project– really, really hate it.  (Confession:  I still haven’t finished weaving in all the tails on my first hexagon-motif afghan… I’ll try to work on it when cool weather comes around again.  It would be insanity to do it in the middle of summer.) 

The palette is a bit restricted at the moment, but I think that it’ll all come together, eventually.  That so-called palette is determined by what colors happen to be in my scrap basket at the moment, and right now, there are very few bright colors in there.  (Maybe it’ll end up with a Nanny McPhee vibe.)  I could wait to make more squares until there are more colors to choose from… but I want to work on it now.  And this method is more… organic… authentic… ;o)

– – – – – – –

The next Mysteryghan clue came out on Friday, and though I’m still distracted by the granny square project, I began to follow the clue on Sunday afternoon.  I’d like to keep pace on this MCAL.  Last year, I had to stop and finish that year’s MCAL long after (most of) the other participants had finished theirs, because we were visiting Donald’s family in Sweden, and fitting an afghan-sized project into our luggage was unrealistic.  This time, I’m planning to keep up right through the end, if at all possible. 

I mentioned last time that I was worried I’d run out of one or two of my Mysteryghan colors.  Well, a shopping trip led to the discovery that one of the local W-M stores (Daphne) does still carry the RHSS “Real Teal” that I’m using– so that’s one color taken care of…  As for the peach, Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn! “Light Peach” will do very well.  If it’s not a perfect match, it’s close enough.  (Peach seems to not be an “in” color at the moment, or at least I haven’t seen a lot of it in the 100% acrylic yarns that are locally available.)  It’s good to know that in a pinch, there are decent substitutes (that don’t involve color-matching through the computer monitor and shipping fees).

 – – – – – – –
So, this afternoon/evening, what will it be?  Dutifully working on the Mysteryghan (which requires a certain amount of focus)– or reaching for my wonderfully instinctive granny squares?  Decisions, decisions!


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