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Old-Fashioned Sampler

There are a few more squares to share!

Another Kingcup:


A Marigold:


And a second Willow:


After making those, I spread a quilt with white backing across the bed and laid the squares out more-or-less at random.  (Tried to get a fairly even color distribution, but didn’t agonize over it.  This definitely will not be the final layout.)

Old-Fashioned Sampler

Old-Fashioned Sampler

I always have a hard time deciding what to do, in instances like these.  I’m sure I’ll be satisfied with it, in the end, but it’s hard to make up my mind.

Looking at these squares, now, it’s all too easy to start that tired old game of saying, “Oh, does that blue look ok with the other colors?” (It looks better “in person”, I think… Most of the colors seem somewhat off in the photos.)  Or “Hm… Does the golden-green stand out too much?  How about the pistachio?”  But I’ve been down that mental road before, so no, they’re all staying put.  My real questions revolve around which ones need a bigger representation.  Is it worth buying another skein of Pistache?  Is one color over-represented?  Should one or two favorites dominate?  And exactly how big do I want this blanket to be, anyway?  It has to fit in the washing machine, ’cause there’s no way I’m washing it by hand.

I’ll probably end up just shrugging and going with whatever idea happens to be uppermost at the moment.


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